Meet Dr. Hollman

Dr. Hollman has been a physician since 1988. After medical school she did her Family Medicine Residency in St. Louis, Missouri. Her subsequent medical practice grew and came to include not only old-fashioned house calls for her private patients but also house calls for people on the job (so they didn’t have to leave work to go see the doctor). Soon after, she incorporated job-site medical care into her practice and learned a tremendous amount about occupational injuries and illnesses. New occupational medicine skills, certifications, and expertise followed.

In the last 20-plus years she has had a career that she could never have envisioned as a child or even as a family medicine resident. She has served as an ‘occ doc’ to small and large companies, organizations, fire and police departments, cities, counties, and a federal agency at the Pentagon. She has been a certified Class I AME for pilots and a certified DOT Medical Examiner for CDL drivers. She has been an MRO for Employer Drug-Free Workplace Programs and a medical consultant for an ever-growing list of projects.

She has been the primary treating provider in thousands of workers’ compensation cases (WCCs) – state and federal; all of these require knowing the regulations of each and being able to serve as an expert witness for those cases. Certified as an Independent Medical Examiner, she is also able to conduct IME exams as well as paper reviews for those needing to know about permanent impairment / disability ratings or possible treatment options in complex cases (WCCs or other types of cases needing an IME).

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