Transferred Workers’ Compensation Cases

For a variety of reasons You, your Nurse Case Manager, or your Work Comp Adjuster may want or need to transfer your Work Comp Case to a new Primary Treating Provider / Doctor. This Doctor is sometimes referred to as the Attending Physician. This is the Doctor that manages the case overall; this is not a Specialist to whom you were previously referred.

Possible examples of why a Work Comp Case would be transferred to a new Attending Physician include:

  • Your previous Work Comp Doctor has moved, retired, or died;
  • The medical group you were using as your Attending Physician is no longer managing Work Comp Cases; and
  • You have told your Work Comp Adjuster that you want to transfer your case to another Attending Physician for your own personal reasons.

Hawaii Revised Statute 386 and the associated Hawaii Administrative Rules describe the State’s Workers’ Compensation law and processes. These state that you can change your Work Comp Claim (WCC) Attending Physician once during the case.

If you or someone involved in your case wants to transfer your medical care to Working on Wellness LLC, you or your WCC Adjuster will need to provide a copy of all medical records involved in your WCC. The records will be reviewed and you / your Adjuster will be notified if the case is accepted. Once accepted, an initial evaluation appointment can be made.